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Same-Day Service

Don't wait days for relief. We offer same-day pest control to ensure you aren't waiting around for services. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our pest control services are backed by a 100% guarantee. If pests return, give us a call as we offer free re-treatments to make it right. 

Pest Control in Alexandria

Protecting your home against pests is on no one’s to-do list until they actually appear. When it happens, Connor’s Pest Pros has you covered with fast same-day service and our quality satisfaction guarantee. If insects, rodents, or wildlife are in your home, we can help get them out, check the box, and move on to more important things!

When you choose us for pest control in Alexandria, you can expect:

  • A pest inspection of your home.
  • An explanation of our findings and treatment options.
  • Customized treatment options.
  • One-time or recurring services.
  • A home free of insects and rodents!

We make pest removal our business so you don’t have to. Our highly trained Springfield exterminators will make quick work of whatever infestation you’re dealing with and treat you with courtesy from beginning to end.


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Tap Into Customized Service

Here at Connor’s, we prioritize serving you as an individual. Our pest control services in Alexandria take everything into consideration. That means we take the time to hear you out, take your preferences and schedule into account, and build a pest control treatment plan that fits you just right. No template service offering, no “our way or the highway,” no one-size-fits-all approach from us! We recognize that your infestation and your preferences are totally unique and seek to honor that in the work we do.

Get Same-Day Service When You Need It Most

You don’t want is to share your living space with critters for any period of time, so waiting for professional help can be torture. Our same-day service aims to minimize the time you have to live with unwanted critters, getting the pest-removal process started as soon as possible. 

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Termite Treatment in Alexandria

More often than people realize, homes in Alexandria serve as food for subterranean termite colonies. And termites can cause serious damage, costing American homeowners billions of dollars in-home repairs every year. Protect your home from these wood-munching insects with our fast reactive prevention, and foresighted proactive termite treatment in Alexandria.

We use bait stations to protect your home by:

  • Attracting worker termites to bait stations.
  • Workers will then bring the bait back to the rest of the colony as food.
  • The active ingredient in the bait prevents termites from molting, which they need to do to survive.
  • Eventually, doses of the bait are fed to the entire colony, killing all insects, and eliminating the colony.
  • Bait stations that remain in the ground continue to protect your home from future colonies.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria

Although bed bugs don’t transmit diseases to humans, knowing that you have them in your home can seriously hamper the quality of your sleep—which negatively impacts the rest of your life. We rely on state-of-the-art heat treatment to eliminate all of these pests from your home, no matter what life stage they are in or where they are hiding.

Our bed bug treatment in Alexandria benefits you because it: 

  • Requires little preparation on your part prior to treatment.
  • Doesn’t damage your belongings.
  • Drastically reduces the amount of chemicals used to eliminate bed bugs.
  • Kills all bed bugs in a matter of hours.
  • Allows you to safely return to your home the same day as treatment.

And because we back our bed bug treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll re-treat your home should they persist after our first treatment. Get back that sleep you’ve been missing!

Rodent Control in Alexandria

Having unwanted rats or mice in your home can be a nightmare for even the most seasoned homeowner. Given rodents’ destructive capabilities, ability to reproduce in large numbers, sharp intelligence, and capacity for spreading diseases, your discomfort is perfectly reasonable. Mice and rats pose a formidable challenge, even to the professionals, but when you have the very best rodent control in Alexandria working for you, they don’t stand a chance! Here at Connor’s Pest Pros, it's our goal to give you back a safe, comfortable, and rodent-free home. Get started today to receive:

  • A full in-home inspection from a highly-trained and local rodent exterminator. 
  • A wide range of treatment options to best suit your unique needs. 
  • Effective and strategically-placed rodent traps which we’ll change out every few days.
  • Available same-day service for fast relief.
  • A mouse and rat-free home or business, guaranteed! 

No matter the season, rodents can cause issues for homeowners. Our expert technicians are here to ensure your home is free of these pests, so call them today and save 10% on your initial fee.

Mosquito Control in Alexandria

The annoyance of mosquitoes may be absent while you’re enjoying your yard during the day. But if your Alexandria property doesn’t have effective mosquito prevention, relaxing on the porch or making dinner on the grill can erupt into an unbearable assault of bites and annoyances when evenings roll around. Connor’s Pest Pros knows your time outdoors is important, and our mosquito control service in Alexandria protects it from being ruined by relentless swarms of these disease-transferring insects.

Our mosquito prevention and control service is designed to dramatically reduce these pests in your yard along with the risks of contracting notorious mosquito-borne diseases, like West Nile and Malaria

Connor’s mosquito control in Alexandria includes:

  • A full yard inspection by our expert mosquito exterminator.
  • Choice of treatment options fit your yard and budget.
  • Treatments that target sources and promote continued mosquito prevention.
  • Professional insights on maintaining a property that is mosquito-free.
  • Bite-free barbecues, yard games, outdoor events, and more.

If you have an event coming up and need to get rid of these pests fast, call us for One-time mosquito treatment or keep them away all season with our recurring service. 

Pest Repair in Alexandria

Rather than budgeting to cover a professional pest exterminator and a pest damage repair service, you have Connor’s Pest Pros to do both with quality dedication, hard work, and professional integrity. Pest repair in Alexandria can range from insulation replacement to restoring structural damage. Because we’re committed to getting your home back to its former glory and cleanliness following an infestation, we specialize in a variety of methods that repair pest damage.

The worst damage-causing pests in Alexandria include:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Rodents
  • Bees
  • Birds

If your home suffers from the aftereffects of these pests or is currently plagued by them, contact Connor’s Pest Pros for a free estimate. We’ll arrive to resolve the situation, ASAP!

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

When you call for professional pest control, it shouldn’t be a flip of the coin whether your problem will be solved! We back all our services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can have no doubt in your mind that we’ll resolve your critter issue. And if you’re not satisfied with any service we perform, we’ll be back to re-service your home or business!

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