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Don't wait days for relief. We offer same-day pest control to ensure you aren't waiting around for services. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our pest control services are backed by a 100% guarantee. If pests return, give us a call as we offer free re-treatments to make it right. 

Pest Control in Silver Spring

Silver Spring is known for its vibrant arts scene, diverse shopping districts, and 16 public parks contributing to its idyllic charm. With our expertise in local pest control services we help make sure no insect or rodent interferes with this tranquil life so you can enjoy all that Silver Spring has to offer. Connor's Pest Pros offers pest control to the following areas in Silver Spring - zip code 20903 and 20910. We provide customers in those areas with local solution-friendly services that bring families peace of mind. Our skilled exterminators offer same-day services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are getting the best treatments for your home or business. 

Connor's Pest Pros services in 20903 and 20910 include:

  • General Pest Control: Relieve your home of common household pests such as ants, mosquitoes, and spiders.
  • Commercial Pest Control: Keep your business free from vermin and maintain a healthy, clean workplace.
  • Rodent Control: Our experts deliver fast, efficient results in trapping and removing any rodents from your property.
  • Termite Control: Stop the spread of these wood-destroying insects before they cause expensive damage.
  • Bed Bug Control: Combat these small parasites with our safe cleaning and removal techniques.
  • Wildlife Management & Exclusion Services: Get rid of pesky wild animals around your home or business.

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Exterminators in Silver Spring With Family-Friendly Treatments

At Connor’s, we're here to keep your family and pets safe with our same-day pest control services in Silver Spring. Our professionals are passionate about eliminating general pest infestations and will gladly provide a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify existing or potential bugs or rodents. We'll get rid of these common household pests quickly and efficiently using safe and effective treatments that guarantee results. Plus, if any bugs or rodents continue to bother you after services are rendered, we'll re-treat them for free! Get help now from the trusted Silver Spring exterminators at Connor’s Pest Pros and take back control of your home.

When you work with our exterminators in Silver Spring, you can expect the following:

  • A free detailed inspection to determine the severity of your pest issue.
  • A custom plan to treat the infestation.
  • Plans based on your needs: Recurring treatments or one-time service.
  • Our Connor's 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not happy with our service, we will return to make things right.

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 Bed Bug Treatment in Silver Spring

Are bed bugs invading your home and ruining your sleep? Don't let them take away those precious nights of rest. With our bed bug treatment in Silver Spring, you can finally get the sleep you deserve. At Connor's Pest Pros, our effective bed bug exterminators use heat treatments to clear infestations fast. With temperatures, well above 125 degrees Fahrenheit, adult bugs, nymphs, and eggs are all destroyed and eliminated from your living space. Using industrial fans to circulate the heat throughout the house and maintain the temperature for a few hours guarantees that every corner is covered and no bug is left alive.

Our Silver Spring bed bug treatment includes:

  • A free bed bug inspection to determine the severity of the bed bug infestation.
  • Determining a custom plan that is designed for your home.
  • Applying treatments that won't harm you and your family.
  • Same-day bed bug services if needed.

Termite Treatment in Silver Spring

Are you dealing with a frustrating termite problem at your home? If so, then look no further than Connor's Pest Pros for the help you need. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts can provide you with customized termite treatment in Silver Spring that eliminate all traces of an infestation. By working with our team of termite exterminators, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from these destructive pests. With top-notch preventive advice and an extensive inspection process, we ensure that any potential damage from termites will be halted before it happens.

Our team at Connor's will provide the following:

  • Free termite inspections to determine where the infestation is occurring.
  • Bait stations to prevent termites from damaging your home. 
  • Same-day treatments to work around your schedule. 
  • And more!

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Rodent Control in Silver Spring

Are you dealing with an ongoing pest problem in your home? Mice and rats can be dangerous, spreading diseases through droppings, offering up painful bites, and causing damage to your walls, wires, and floors. Don't let mice and rats take over any longer; Let the expert rodent exterminators at Connor’s Pest Pros help with any infestation With our premier rodent control in Silver Spring, you are getting family-friendly treatments, same-day services, and local technicians that want to improve our community. When you trust our technicians to prevent rodents from ruining your home, you can expect: 

  • A free rodent inspection around your home.
  • Prevention of dangerous rat diseases that include Typhus, Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Bubonic Plague.
  • A thorough plan to eliminate all rodents.
  • And more!

Mosquito Control in Silver Spring

Are mosquitoes ruining your summer? You're not alone. With the warm climate and proximity to water, mosquitos are a common problem in our area. Don't let these insects spoil your outdoor activities. Our mosquito control service in Silver Spring is here to help!

Our mosquito exterminators in Silver Spring offer:

  • A free inspection to assess the level of mosquito activity in your area. 
  • Target treatment areas to eliminate the problem at its source. 
  • EPA-approved treatments that are safe for your family and pets

Say goodbye to itchy bites and sleepless nights. Our mosquito treatments will create a barrier around your property, keeping mosquitos at bay.

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