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Termite Treatment in the Washington DC Area

For most people, investing in their home is the single largest financial commitment they’ll make in their lifetime. Surprisingly, one of the biggest threats to this investment is a termite colony feeding on your home! Every year, their damage costs American homeowners billions of dollars. And with homeowner’s insurance rarely covering this insect's damage, people like you are left footing the repair bill. Our termite treatment in DC is quick, effective, and diligent which will remove any stress from you and your family. 

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Our Treatment Process

Homes in NOVA see a large amount of pest activity because of the weather conditions. Our DC termite treatment determines if these insects are active in your home, then quickly gets rid of them using bait stations, keeping them away for the long haul.

Our termite treatment in Washington DC includes:

  • A thorough initial inspection.
  • Sharing findings and a custom treatment plan with you.
  • An effective treatment that protects your home.
  • Ongoing protection to ensure they don’t come back to your home.

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Termites in Northern Virginia

Thousands of species thrive across the globe, but in NOVA, one species causes the lion’s share of damage to homes: the Subterranean Termite. Subterraneans build intricate nests underground, then send out workers to find food beyond the nest. These pests eat cellulose, of which wood and paper are made. As they encounter wood in the ground or resting on the surface of the ground, they call other workers to the food source using pheromones (odor trails). Workers chew through the cellulose and bring it back to feed the rest of the colony. 

In the spring, colonies will send out reproductive termites called swarmers, which fly to new locations to start new colonies. Once they find a mate, swarmers will lose their wings and burrow into the soil and begin mating to start a new colony. Spring swarming season in Northern Virginia is when your home is most at risk of a new colony beginning to feed on it.

How Your Home Becomes Termite Food

In nature, these insects have an important role in helping decompose dead wood, but they’re a problem for us because they can’t tell the difference between logs on the ground and the timber of our homes. In general, the process of subterranean termites making a food source for your home goes as follows:

  • Workers explore from the nest and stumble upon the foundation of your home which they will then sense wood. 
  • Workers release a pheromone that calls in backup, signaling to other workers that they’ve found a new food source and need help harvesting it.
  • They will then construct mud tunnels that climb your foundation to bridge the moist ground with the wood they’re seeking as a food source.
  • Workers burrow into the wood along the grain, creating a massive conveyor belt that brings food back to the colony.
  • Termites explore further and further into the timber of your home, hollowing out studs, door frames, and window sills without ever breaking the surface. 
  • If never discovered, they can hollow out important structural members of your home, weakening them until they collapse.

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These pests never sleep, laboring day and night, so a single colony can do a number on your home in a matter of months. The result can mean tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and a dent in the market value of your home. That’s why proactive termite protection in DC is so crucial. Connect with us to learn how Connor’s Pest Pros can protect your home from this wood-destroying insect.

Check out Our Wood Destroying Insect Report

Because these insects are so sneaky (dubbed “Silent Destroyers” by the pest control industry) it takes a trained eye to know if they are, or have been active, in your home. If you are inquiring about wood damage around a home, fill out our WDIR and we will offer free termite inspections so you can know with certainty your home’s history with this type of insect. Connor’s Pest Pros also provides free estimates on termite treatment in Washington DC to equip you with everything you need to make the best decision.

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Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


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